Borger Goes to SIU

In August, 2017 I accepted a position teaching UCOL 101, the first-year experience course at SIU-Carbondale. I’m grateful for my time at SHS and will miss my students and colleagues, but am very excited about this next chapter in my life.

I will leave your course pages up for awhile so you can access past resources. Most of this information will still exist on this site after that time, but it might be in a different location. Check your course sites periodically or email me if you need to find something:

If you’re in the SIU neighborhood, come pop in for a visit.  I’m in the Student Services Building on the first floor in Exploratory Student Advisement.



Final Exams

The list of students below are exempt from 2nd semester final exams – I will be updating through Friday morning, 05/19:

5th Hour

  1. Kaitlyn B.
  2. Serenity C.
  3. Eli H.
  4. Nicolette H.
  5. Lucas H.
  6. Halley L.
  7. Jordan P.
  8. Sydnie P.
  9. Jarad S.

Students who have to take exams should study all old quizzes given back this week. You can also review materials by going back through old posts starting in January (in links on the left if you’re on a computer, or all the way at the bottom of the scroll on a phone). Everything we have covered this semseter will be on the final exam:

  • Short Stories
    • “The Lottery”
    • “Monkey’s Paw”
    • “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket”
    • “The Pedestrian”
    • “Lamb to the Slaughter”
    • “Just Lather, That’s All”
  • The Tempest
  • Julius Caesar
  • Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Reflection

Your Lord of the Flies character mask projects or alternative essays are due on Monday 05/15. Today you have time in class to write your reflection.  Instructions are on the original handout I gave you in class.

Here is the Lord of the Flies Mask Rubric I will use to grade your masks and reflections.

Here is the ESSAY RUBRIC I will use to grade larger essays for those who opt out of making a mask.

EVERYONE needs to share their Google docs files with me by the end of the class period. The only exception are those folks who are still working on masks using materials in class from the cabinet.   If you work on your mask primarily, you need to EMAIL ME and tell me what you did during the hour today.  If I do not get an email, you do not get participation points for the day:


Lord of the Flies Projects

Mask projects are due on Monday, 05/15. Remember to include a 1-2 page explanation of your mask using 3-6 text references / quotes.  We will be in the lab on Friday 05/12 to complete the written portion of the project.

You had part of Wednesday in class to work & will have Thursday to work as well.  You have had the mask assignment for over a week & I have been telling you to work on it well before now. If you cannot get your project done in class during the remaining time we have, it is homework.

For folks who are not into the mask projects or feel like they have no creativity left, feel free to write n alternative essay instead using one of the prompts below.

Lord of the Flies In-Class Essay

Choose one of the prompts below and write a complete essay exploring the topic.  Include at least 3-6 specific text references with page numbers to support your argument.  Use the book and your character chart and any notes from seminar as you write.  These will be taking the place of the art projects we were scheduled to do.  This essay is worth 100 points.

  1. Analyze one of the main characters in the novel.  Focus on how he changes or stays the same over time.  You can also discuss what your character symbolizes.  In either case, you must move beyond summary.
  2. Choose either of the following two questions, or explore them as one: B) What is The Beast, and how does it fit into the novel’s exploration of Good and Evil? B) According to the novel, why can’t we all just get along and act “civilized?”
  3. If you were stuck on an island, would you rather have Piggy or Simon there with you?  Why?  Remember to use the text for support.
  4. Is Jack really a bad guy?  Is Ralph really a good guy? Analyze.

Use quotes to support your ideas.  At a minimum, you should use 3-6 examples from the text that support your argument. Feel free to use more, but 1-2 per paragraph should suffice.  Don’t assume the quotes explain themselves.  Include page numbers in parenthetical citations as there is one text you’re quoting from.

 Tag + Quote + Cite + Explanation

Piggy is too shy to go swimming so Ralph says, “Sucks to your ass-mar” (Golding 13)!

  • This essay can take the place of the art projects we turning in next week but are due the same day as masks & reflections.

LOTF & Survival Stories

If you get done with testing, clean up your survival story using the suggestions below. Print a new, clean version & staple that to the top of your original draft & turn in to Borger by Wednesday 05/10/17. Drafts were worth 50 points; final copy will be worth 100 points (150 points total).

Students should clean up and revise their survival stories from last week. Stories need paragraph breaks. Also,  follow the rules for Writing Dialogue.  Particularly, the rule about each new line of dialogue getting a new line break.  Open your copy of Lord of the Flies and find a page with dialogue on it.  Every time someone new speaks, they get a new line on the page.  Do the same in your story.

  1. Revise, clean up the grammar, add paragraph breaks – when something new happens, enter & tab a new paragraph.
  2. Don’t flip-flop between verb tenses. Put it all in present tense or all in past tense:
    • DON’T say “As I see Borger float away…” then switch to past tense in the next sentence with “We were running for our lives. We cried and panicked.  But then I stop running, stand  on the beach and yell at the sky.”
    • “As I see Borger float away…We run for our lives. We cry and panic. But then I stop running, stand   on the beach and yell at the sky.” 
    • “As I saw Borger float away…We were running for our lives. We cried and panicked.  But then I stopped running, stood on the beach and yelled at the sky.”  
  3. Give stories a title, centered at the top of the page.
  4. Follow MLA format – your name info goes in the upper left of the page.
  5. Print a new copy – STAPLE THE CLEAN COPY ON TOP OF THE DRAFT – and turn in for a final grade.

Lord of the Flies Reading Schedule

Lord of the Flies Reading Schedule
From the point you receive this reading guide, you are responsible for all of the readings.  Absences do not absolve you from quizzes and exams – even if you were absent the day before we take a quiz, you still have to take the quiz the day you return.

Tuesday 04/25
Borger starts reading chapter 1 aloud: 7-31

Wednesday 04/26
Finish Chapter 1 in class on your own
Complete study guide questions

Thursday 04/27
Quiz:  Chapter 1
Chapter 2: 32-47
Start LOTF Character chart 2017

Friday 04/28
Quiz:  Chapter 2
Chapter 3: 48-57
Chapter 4: 58-75

Monday 05/01
Chapter 5: 76-94

Tuesday 05/02
Quiz: Chapters 3-5
Chapter 6:  95-108

Wednesday 05/03
Chapter 7: 109-123

Thursday 05/04
Chapter 8: 124-144

Friday  05/05
Quiz:  Chapters 6-8
Chapter 9: 145-154
Chapter 10: 155-168

Monday 05/08
Quiz: Chapters 6-10
Chapter 11: 169-182

Tuesday 05/09
Chapter 12: 183-202

Wednesday 05/10
Quiz: Chapters 6-12 (since testing through our whole schedule off)

Bring materials to work on your final mask project in class on Thursday 05/11 & Friday 05/12. Masks and essays are due Monday 05/15.

Lord of the Flies

Students will start reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding today.

You should work on study guides as you read – it’s a good idea to put page numbers next to questions to help guide you through the book. You will also be collecting quotes on characters, and tracking page numbers will help you locate those later.

Finish chapter 1 on Wednesday 04/26 & be prepared to take a quiz over chapter 1 on Thursday 04/27.